Best Marketing Agency Software

Best marketing agency software

There are many marketing agency software on the market; As always, choosing one or the other will depend on the needs of your company. To help you with this decision, we are going to see which is the best marketing agency software.

List of the best marketing agency software

To help you do this, we have selected 5 software that we believe are essential to dominate the technological world and take a step further with your marketing agency.


Hubspot is of the best marketing agency software. When we talk about Hubspot we don’t just mean a single program. It is a complete suite that addresses different aspects such as marketing, sales, and customers.

And it is precisely this last point that connects everything, your CRM. HubSpot’s CRM offers a comprehensive set of features that help streamline teamwork and enable businesses to seamlessly track, organize, and close sales.

It is totally free and provides automated contact management, and personalized follow-up, and allows us to prepare reports to analyze our situation.

In this way, we can get the most out of our customer database, both from a marketing point of view, where we can obtain relevant information for our campaigns and from a sales point of view, where we can use their system. to speed up and increase the percentage of closed sales.


ProofHub is a powerful marketing agency software, powerful enough to accommodate all your project and team needs under one roof. The software is focused on eliminating the need to invest in too many tools to achieve a single business goal. All in all, ProofHub is project management software made to be fully customizable to fit the needs of different teams with different goals.

ProofHub users, whether managers or employees have the ability to view overtime scheduled tasks in Kanban, fit each piece of a project together via a Gantt chart, assign and collaborate on projects, tasks, and/or subtasks in one place, prevent file loss with centralized file management, review and approve work on the go, keep track of billable hours both manually and using timers, connect to the apps they already use (such as Google Calendar, Dropbox or Google Drive), and much more.

If you and your team are looking for software with rich communication and task management, ProofHub can be a perfect choice. And the best news is that you can get started today for free.


It is a fairly popular software among small and medium-sized businesses. For us, it is one of the most powerful in obtaining user data.

However, it is a tool very focused on companies in the marketing sector and its functionalities are specially adapted for this type of company.

The technical service is more than good. You will not have problems with her at any time, you will feel cared for and your doubts will be resolved on the spot.

It includes the databases of your CRM application and has the possibility of monitoring the calls of your leads. However, its price is somewhat excessive.


Autopilot is a marketing agency software that can be considered low-cost. It has two monthly payment plans: Basic and Business. Pricing is based on the number of contacts your database has. Both plans include unlimited emails with no hidden fees or setup fees.

Its main advantage is that it can be started in just a few minutes. And it’s relatively easy to use, allowing you to track new contacts, qualify and assign leads to sales by simply dragging and connecting shapes in just a few minutes.

For its part, this platform can also connect with other software such as Salesforce, Facebook, Segment, Slack, Typeform, Twilio, or Zapier.

The negative aspect of this Marketing Automation software is that its simplicity makes it too simple for some business needs. And, for example, it does not allow the contents to be very long or in different formats when creating the flows called trips.


Asana is one of the digital tools that will help us improve our daily lives as well as improve our relationships with our colleagues and partners and increase the productivity of our agency.

It is a very complete and useful online task organization tool. A marketing agency involves many activities, tasks and deadlines, With Asana we can have these activities under control and always up to date.

Not only can tasks be separated by activity, it is completely customizable and you can filter by date, members, project, and everything simply, quickly, and from the cloud.

It has a very intuitive interface in which we can drag the different tasks or assign them and leave them done in just a few steps. Everything is very fast and simple, thus leaving us time to be able to carry out the task in question, which is what really matters.

In this way, we can only focus on those that correspond to us or monitor that the tasks that have to be delivered that day are going to be completed. In both cases, thanks to Asana, an assignment will never be turned in past its due date again.


Has it become clearer to you, what the marketing agency software used by marketing professionals and agencies are? And how can each of them help you?

When it comes to applying marketing strategies, you have to do a lot of things at the same time and 24 hours a day is not enough for everything. That’s what marketing tools are for, to automate processes and thus save us time.

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